Police Rotation calls
AFA Towing provides service to the public when called by different police
agencies.  They call us to remove wrecked, abandon, as well as when an
officer arrest a driver, or vehicles that need to be stored for safe keeping.  

Police rotation calls are just as it sounds, each agency has a list of
pre-qualified towing companies, in each zone. As a need for a tow truck
arises, they will use the next company on the list. Unless you request a
towing company, you will get the next company on the list.

If your vehicle was towed by Order of a police agency and is now in our
secured impound yard, do to a wreck or for body damage, than you
should contact your insurance company immediately to advise them of the
situation.  Should you not have the proper insurance coverage, or no
insurance at all, than you should contact us to make arrangements as soon
as possible as to the disposal of your vehicle.  
Because the longer it
stays in storage the more it will cost you.

Should you have a vehicle in our storage and no one has made
arrangements as to its removal.  One option that we have as a towing
company is to apply for a Wrecker Operator's Lien.  A Wrecker
Operator's Lien places a lien against the registered owner(s) blocking this
person from renewing, or transferring a tag, and could cause some drivers
licence  problems.

Should you have a Wrecker Operator's Lien against yourself, please come
in to our office and make payment for the proper documentation to release
it.  PLEASE remember payment of the lien may not be the only charges
due and you can be placed in collections for the full amount of the tow and
storage bill.
If you want to make arrangements to pick up your vehicle...