Local towing laws..
On October 10th 2013 Lee county commissioners voted and approved the
first new non-consent towing ordnance in thirteen years

Lots of things have changed for these types of tows. The new ordnance calls
for many changes to our private property tow contract.  
ALL contracts made
prior to 10/10/13 are now null and void!
 If you wish to continue with us, we
need you to fill out a new contract and submit it to us via fax.
(not all will be approved)

One other thing that did change, a lot of people wont like. When doing private
property tows, now according to Section 11 (4), on our tow sheet we need to
include the name address and phone number of the person requesting the
service.  This tow sheet may be given to the owner of the vehicle that was
towed.  I can only imagine this will deter a lot of people from having cars towed
for private property impound.  

Below are a list of statutes, and ordnances that apply to towing and you can
download them if you would like to read them as well as a link to our new
private property towing contract.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us.  We will help you as best
we can.