If you have had your vehicle towed by order of a police agency, or from
private property, and you need to make arrangements to pick it up.
In order to pick up a vehicle that is in our impound yard you must have a
few things ready.  
1. Identification (state or government issued with photo)
2. You must be the registered owner (per the D.H.S.M.V. database)
3. The tow and storage bill MUST be paid in cash.
ID = State issued drivers license, or ID card,  or a passport
* If you don't have your drivers license due to a DUI, look at your ticket, 2/3rds down
the page you should see a series of check boxes. One says "License surrendered",
and "Eligible for permit" If they say you are eligible than your ticket acts as your
license for 10 days and
you can use it.

Ownership = The name registered with the state as the current owner, a signed over
title means nothing until its in your name. You will have to bring your title to the tax
collectors office and transfer it into your name.

Payment =
"In GOD we trust", all others pay cash.

If you had a vehicle towed and you do not come to claim it
before the car gets auctioned off, You may end up with a
wrecker operators lien placed against each owner of the
vehicle. This will stop you from registering or renewing
your registration on any vehicle in your name.  It also
could have issues with your drivers licence. The only way
to release the lien is if you pay part of the outstanding tow

If you don't have the proper insurance coverage, and/or
you can't afford, or don't want to pick up your vehicle, we
suggest you talk to us about it as soon as possible.  We
may be able to make arrangements that will allow you to
walk away with a little cash in your pocket instead of a bill
for services you can't afford.
If you are the owner and you absolutely can not make it to our office, we
are willing to help you still.  If you call our office during in normal
business hours, we can fax you a form and you can assign some one to
pick up your vehicle. We also can do some voice authorizations on most
vehicles.  But the records and documents are located at our office and if
the office is closed, we obviously cant send you the forms..